Theory of Change

By engaging our communities, we build capacity of community to identify the issues most affecting us and lift up the community voices least heard. These voices inform leadership within the OHEA coalition - where the work of Community Powered Change lives - and influence a policy agenda at both the state and local levels.

OHEA's Theory of Change in Action

(Click to enlarge) Image description: Titled OHEA Theory of Change, this graphic has hands at the bottom representing the community. Arrows around the border show the continuing work: Bridging a gap /serving as convener; Remove barriers to health equity through public policy; Education and implementation; Shifting balance of power, Building capacity in community; All participants have goal of advancing health equity, Supporting and organizing those most affected, and Lifting community voice. On the left within the circle of arrows, there are three boxes representing OHEA Membership (Health Equity and SDOH Partners), OHEA Executive / Advisory Committee (EDs & Organizers), and Community Health Improvement in Action (Community Voice) - community determined planning - community engagement. Each of these boxes has a line to community, as well as to a circle representing OHEA Policy Agenda. OHEA Policy Agenda then flows through to State / County / Local Public Agencies, as well as community and the continuing work of Education and implementation and Shifting balance of power.