Our People

Community Powered Change is supported primarily by OHEA staff. Additional support is provided through collaboration with the Multnomah County Health Department Health Equity Initiative and local consultants.

Marilou Carrera is the CHIP manager for Community Powered Change. She can be reached at hello@communitypoweredchange.com or (971) 340-4838.


Based in Portland, Oregon, Marilou Carrera is a health equity advocate and community health practitioner. Her experiences as a Filipina and Japanese woman who immigrated to the U.S. as a child, as well as her time practicing as a registered nurse, advocating for communities of color, and promoting public health have long persuaded her of the importance and imperative of sharing stories to influence policy.

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Katie Sawicki: Policy & Systems

Katie Sawicki helps projects cross the finish line. She provides individualized support to organizations, coalitions, community groups seeking to advance racial justice work. This includes policy, campaign, and/or program development; research and policy briefs; policy advocacy; building organizing capacity; and/or organizational development that centers on communities most impacted by economic and health inequities. She worked at Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services in New York City for ten years followed by eight years in the Advocacy and Civic Engagement Department of the Urban League of Portland.  While at the Urban League, she coordinated and edited the State of Black Oregon 2009 and 2015 reports, as well as Portland’s Racial Equity Strategy Guide. She currently provides support to Oregon Health Equity Alliance (OHEA), MRG Foundation, Unite Oregon, NAACP - Springfield Eugene, Rogue Climate, and other inspiring movement building organizations. She also serves on Metro's Committee on Racial Equity team.

Leadership Team

The Community Powered Change Leadership Team provides broad oversight of Community Powered Change, offering counsel on planning processes, community engagement, and support in reporting back to communities of color. The Leadership Team includes several community-based organizational partners who represent and work with one or more culturally specific groups including African-American, African Immigrant and Refugee, Black, Asian American, Latino/a, urban Native American/Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander community groups. | View Full List



The Community Powered Change advisory committee was developed to guide the development of a community engagement process. This group included community members and staff from leadership team organizations. Community members applied to participate on the committee and received stipends for their participation.

Opportunity Teams

After identifying the priorities of Community Powered Change, the next steps included working with key stakeholders and community partners to develop recommendations for how to implement community-based strategies. These opportunity teams consisted of organizational partners and community members.


Community Powered Change has partnered with a number of organizations throughout our process. These organizations have participated through the Advisory Committee, by hosting community engagement events in the first year, writing different parts of the original community health improvement plan document, or were part of the Opportunity Teams. | View Full List