There are many organizations and institutions doing equity work now. These organizations are our partners and we recognize the very important work they do, as well as the support they need to do the work in a more coordinated way so it can have the strongest impact on people within Multnomah County. | Learn about becoming a partner

(Click to enlarge) Image description: Titled Community Powered Change Implementation Framework, this image has icons representing each one of the five priorities of Community Powered chnage. Below this are two triangles; the one on the left represents partners and lists MCHD, Metro, Portland Fire & Rescue, and Coalition of Community Health Clinics as examples. The text reads, "Start with where organizations are to support implementation of strategies within own channels." The triangle on the right represents projects and lists Community Investment, Pathways to a Culturally Diverse Workforce, and Community Health Equity. The text reads, "Facilitated collaboration between cross-sectoral partners on shared strategies."


Organizations do equity work in different ways according to their organization’s vision, mission, and values. We see how important it is to ensure our partners include a health focus in their equity work. More importantly, we see how valuable it is to start where our organizations are at in their process. This in turn impacts the community members they serve.


Community members brainstormed hundreds of ways they believe health could be improved. Their recommendations, what we refer to as strategies, range from free gym memberships to investment in culturally specific, community based organizations. Sometimes we see a shared focus of equity work between partners from different fields of work, as well. Supporting collaboration between these organizations is an opportunity to coordinate existing efforts and make sure our efforts come from distinct perspectives.