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Webinar: Strategies for Building and Strengthening the CHW Effort in Your Area

The Utah CHW Coalition (CHWC) is a state-level partnership with the purpose of achieving outcomes related to policies to support, promote, and advance the work of CHWs in the state, as well as to leverage resources and facilitate sharing of ideas. To date, more than 40 organizations are represented on the CHWC. Members and sectors represented include the Utah Public Health Association CHW Section (CHW Association); individual CHWs; communities; state and local government health departments, substance abuse divisions, and mental health offices); health systems; payers; nonprofits, educational institutions; faith-based organizations; social service agencies; medical providers; and medical provider organizations. This presentation will focus on the history and infrastructure as well as strategies, goals, and progress of the coalition.


Learning objectives:

1.       Describe barriers and facilitators in coalition building

2.       Identify the main goals and progress of the Utah CHW Coalition

3.       Be able to assess current partners of your organization and identify shared goals