establishing community priorities

In 2016, Community Powered Change connected with approximately 225 residents of Multnomah County through a robust community engagement effort. Conversations with these community members elevated five community priorities:

  • Addressing racism and discrimination*
  • Access to a culturally responsive healthcare system
  • Affordable housing and houselessness issues
  • Access to essential community resources related to jobs, education, transportation, and food
  • Supporting families and communities of color

* This became the number one priority in 2017 with conversations around increased discrimination and intolerance, particularly racist behavior, and anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments. It also became clear that addressing this priority will make it easier to achieve the other priorities.

collaborating on strategies

In addition to the priorities, community members provided hundreds of recommendations for different approaches to improving health. In 2017, Opportunity Teams came together to develop strategies for implementing these approaches recommended by community. These Opportunity Teams consisted of organizational partners and community members.