The Oregon Health Equity Alliance is offering grants up to $20K through Community Powered Change and Multnomah County in Summer 2019. While Community Powered Change has five priorities, we are focusing on supporting work aligned with Transformative Change toward Equity and Empowerment, Essential Community Resources, and Supporting Community and Family Ways. Click below to learn more! Links to criteria and application are under Important Documents and Dates.

Funding Focus +

We are committed to funding work that aligns with the priorities of Community Powered Change below:

Transformative Change toward Equity and Empowerment Oregon’s long racist history has shaped the institutional power and priorities of the state politically and culturally. We support programs and policies that center the needs of communities of color. This work includes:

  • Work that protects and promotes the histories of communities of color.
  • Fostering a diverse workforce.
  • Developing, resourcing, and leading new racial equity strategies, programs, and partnerships.

Essential Community Resources These resources include access to transportation, education, jobs, and food for communities of color.

  • Improve and expand living wage with benefits and job opportunities for all communities.
  • Ensure all communities have access to culturally relevant, nutritious, affordable food in their neighborhoods.
  • Create and provide more opportunities for an education ecosystem that all learners can thrive in
  • Provide equitable transportation access for all community members.

Supporting Family and Community Ways Finding ways to bring opportunities and resources back home that support our own traditional and cultural practices of health and healing. This includes access to foods and healing medicines, land to connect to physical activity and nature, and space and opportunity for ceremonial, religious, cultural, educational, and celebratory community gatherings.

  • Communities are able to access health supportive classes related to healthy eating and active living from organizations that mirror their lived cultural experiences.
  • Develop and amplify strategies that promote and support cultural preservation and reclamation.

Eligibility and Criteria +

In order to be eligible you must:

  • Be a 501c3 or fiscally sponsored organization
  • Be a People of Color led organization (51% of staff and board are people of color)
  • Have an organizational budget of $350K or less
  • Have a work focus based in Multnomah County or serves constituencies within Multnomah county boundaries

Important Documents and Dates +

Applications are now available! Download the criteria and application here.

The Oregon Health Equity Alliance is hosting an info session on Wednesday, June 5th at Urban League of Portland (10 N Russell St, Portland OR 97227) from 6-7:30pm. The space is wheelchair accessible. RSVP at

Applications are due by email or delivered in person on Monday, July 8th by 5pm.

Contact Information +

This page will continue to be updated with information as available. Check back regularly! Email any questions or inquiries to